The Team

Brighton Artists Network is run by a team of volunteer administrators.

The Administrator Team is open to any Brighton Artists Member to join. We meet weekly on a Monday to discuss the direction of the organisation and plan the week ahead. The team changes every three months to ensure a diversity of voices from our membership are represented. To join in January please email

Communications & Marketing Administrator
Charlotte Graham-Spouge

Charlotte Graham-Spouge is an MA photography student, artist and curator from London. She is inspired by her travels and work abroad. She has consistently used her practice of photography, illustration, painting and printmaking, to diversify the reach of art platforms. She has exhibited in Brighton, London and Eastbourne on themes of resilience and student debt. In 2019, she curated an exhibition to challenge prejudices around the LGBTQ+ community. Her work aims to represent the experiences of self-identifying women from around the world and raise awareness of social and environmental issues. Now based in Brighton, she is selling work from her Etsy shop and exhibiting at Brighton Photo Fringe in October.

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Events & Projects Administrator
Zoe Toolan

Instagram: @zklt.artist

Zoe is a precarious working, multidisciplinary artist from Yorkshire living in Brighton, with one foot in the conceptual, one foot in the visual and one foot in the everything in-between. Her work centres around live art and social practices with anything she creates having an inherent sense of unpredictability and ephemerality; as is life. Education underpins her work and she is passionate about radical pedagogy, drawing and whisky, treating every teaching role as an exciting live, participatory event and a vital part of her own practice and learning.

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Ambassador Administrator
Amber Franks

Amber has a background in fashion and visual media. Her work sets out to explore and analyse how we process personal trauma and grief. Using a cross between analogue photography and various printing processes, Amber poses questions that encourage reflection upon the self. Her work has been exhibited in and around Brighton, London and Vermont USA. Most recently, her work has been accepted into the Historic England Archive. 

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Organisational Development & Advocacy
Elena Italia

Elena has a background in both visual and performing arts and a masters in Arts Management. She founded Brighton Artists Network in May 2020, and when she’s not volunteering here she works at Fabrica and Brighton People’s Theatre. She oversees Brighton Artists Network’s development and activities, pulling everything together in a coherent whole. 

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