The Team

Brighton Artists Network is run by a rotating team of volunteer administrators.

The team covers the organisation’s core functions and changes every three months to ensure a diversity of voices from our membership are represented. Besides the Administrators Team, our members volunteer on in a variety of roles to support our activities.

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Current Administrators

& Marketing Administrator
Aitor Reveron Blanco

Aitor is a freelance journalist and translator with an interest in avant-garde literature.
Since moving to Brighton, Aitor grew an interest in its local art scene and has been looking for ways to engage more closely with the cultural sector here.

“I believe that organisations such as Brighton Artists Network are essential in generating alternatives for local artists —as well as serving as a point of reunion for independent creators.I feel incredibly happy to be able to contribute and volunteer here as a communications manager and help spread the word. I am aiming to make the organisation inclusive and transparent and would very much like to encourage anyone currently working on any personal artistic endeavour to get in touch.”

Events & Projects Administrator
Keziah Keeler

Keziah is a freelance artists’ assistant living and working in Brighton. Currently studying for an MA in Curating Collections and Heritage, she is focused on exploring how arts sector spaces can increase accessibility and work within communities to develop their reach and potential. 

She has previously worked on production for Portslade art collective Blast Theory, installations at lighthouse and Fabrica for the Brighton Digital Festival and as a Co-Investigator for the For Solidarity project at The New Bridge Gallery in Newcastle.

Organisational Development & Advocacy Administrator
Elena Italia

Elena has a background in both visual and performing arts and a masters in Arts Management. She founded Brighton Artists Network in May 2020, and when she’s not volunteering here she works at Fabrica and Brighton People’s Theatre. She oversees Brighton Artists Network’s development and activities, pulling everything together in a coherent whole.

Project Volunteers

Creative Producer
Anna Carlson


Anna is an artist from Brighton. Over the last couple of years she has been pursuing a particular body of work, ‘COURT’; an ongoing exploration of sports courts and pitches with a curiosity for their aesthetics, geometry and their roles in social infrastructure, cultural and individual memory and nostalgia.

“This work fits into my broader fascination with urban infrastructure and design, and a deep desire to exercise agency to make interventions in public environments we occupy and share. My work has spanned printmaking, painting, site specific installations, sculpture and mural work.”

Anna is supporting fellow Brighton Artists Network members to develop projects as part of our Arts OUTdoor project.

Creative Producer
Lucy Beacham


Lucy loves Brighton and lives in Kemptown.Her background is in production design for the BBC as Art Director for drama studio and location filming. Then, workshop based, as Senior Creative Project Manager in store and display design and fabrication, her main clients included; Ted Baker, Tate, The Shard and Hilton.  Since becoming freelance in 2015, project work varies from concept illustration, interior, retail, event and mural design, production and installation to community workshops. She works to client brief, independently and in collaborationwith other designers, makers and suppliers.  Lucy has a sustained practice of drawing, painting and print and is currently researching and developing a CIC visual-arts studio concept.

Lucy is supporting fellow Brighton Artists Network members to develop projects as part of our Arts OUTdoor project.

Creative Producer
Sandra Bauza

Sandra’s hometown Salamanca (Spain) felt too small for her to get the motivation to grow her artistic passions. In 2011, she decided to move to England and eventually applied to study Fine Arts at Brighton University

Sandra worked as a community artist in the Sharon Collins Resource Centre, and volunteered at the Royal Pavilion, which continues to be her place of work where she has since joined the Conservation Team. Sandra is currently pursuing an MA in Art & Cultural Management and intends to continue studies in Museology and Collections.

Sandra is supporting fellow Brighton Artists Network members to develop projects as part of our Arts OUTdoor project.

Open Venues Administrator
Allegra Swann


Allegra is not originally from here. She started off in California, then Oregon, Florida and eventually Oxford, which started her life in the UK, in 2003.

She started off working for charities, having a degree is in International Relations. Once she had her girls, she finished a diploma for Clinical Nutrition and became self-employed.

Allegra has since been diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia, and after 5 years of self-employment, the combination of her health requirements and the pandemic made her re-evaluate things. She decided to do the things she always wanted to do, paint and write. She picked up a paint brush in the beginning of 2020, which had always been a dream of hers, and has since also taken on the role of proofreading and editing Pagan Dawn magazine (and managing their social media).

Allegra liaises with artists and venues and manages the booking process for our Open Venues initiative.

Lucy Finchett-Maddock


Lucy Finchett-Maddock is an artist and academic at Sussex Law School, writing, researching and teaching in the fields of critical legal theory and speculative philosophy.  She is one of the founders of the Art/Law Network and writes broadly on the themes of resistance, aesthetics, property, artificial divisions of art and law, and entropy.

As an artist, her work is inspired by theory in as much as lived experience, seeking to capture ontological questions around artificial and formal divides – the human/machine, subject/object, separations between the aesthetic and the legal. For Lucy, she sees herself as a speculative artist, which encapsulates anything emerging from her originally painted work, such as sculpture, sound, data, vibration and video.  In the past, she has also enjoyed more figurative work and prints.

Lucy originally hails from her much loved North Wales and in her spare time, plays the flute and sings in ‘Sonic Summer Pudding’ and ‘Place Fields’.  She is also tinkering with her own experimental music Cyrenaur.

Lucy is working with us to develop solutions to the lack of affordable workspace for creatives in the city.

Daniel Highnell


Daniel is a performance artist, composer, researcher, video-maker and writer. His work has been released on several notable experimental labels, and his research and writing has been published by several academic journals.

He has worked on projects across Europe, spanning classical composition, field-recording, modular synthesis, experimental performance and socio-political research and received a PhD from Sussex University in 2017. Currently, Daniel lectures at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and runs the production company 7000 Trees.

Daniel is working with us to develop solutions to the lack of affordable workspace for creatives in the city.

Past Volunteers