Open Venues

Open Venues is an initiative encouraging venue-based arts and cultural organisations to provide their spaces free of charge to local artists for meetings, rehearsals and other professional and creative development opportunities. The initiative has been running since August 2020 and is currently taking place at Fabrica and Brighton Dome.


The initiative, set up following a consultation with Brighton based artists and performers, aims to provide artists the time and space to develop new work while connecting cultural organisations to local talent.

We are currently working to:

  • Encourage other venue based cultural organisations in Brighton to join the initiative.
  • Encourage other artist-led networks across the UK to replicate this model by sharing the knowledge and experience we gained so far.

For artists

We advertise available time slots to all of our members at the beginning of each month. To find out about available dates become a member

For organisations

Want to support local artists? Interested in joining the initiative? Please contact us at

Do you run an artists network?

Are you interested in replicating Open Venues elsewhere in the UK? We’d love to share our experience to help you get set up. Please email us at