We run regular events that provide opportunities for artists to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

As a member you can submit a topic for discussion, lead a session or simply attend and connect with likeminded peers.

You choose how much or how little you want to get involved.

Upcoming Events:

Brighton Brainstorms
Testing the power of our collective brain

Fortnightly brainstorming sessions for artists of all disciplines to come together around an issue which affects our city. 
Topics are run over 2 sessions. Anyone can submit an issue for brainstorming to the group by emailing, posting it in the Brighton-brainstorm channel on Slack, or sharing it with the rest of the group at the end of the session.

These sessions are completely open-ended, you don’t have to prepare anything and there is no expectation. They may lead to a collaborative group project, but they might not. Conversations you have during those sessions might influence yours and others practices, or might simply provide you with a great bit of brain gymnastics and a space for a creative conversation with like-minded peers. 

Peer to Peer Support Groups & Collaboration Projects
If you want a thing well done, do it yourself

Planning sessions for artists of all disciplines to come together and develop an idea into a project. 
Projects might arise from a Brighton Brainstorm sessions, or you might want to bring something to the table yourself. Projects can range from events through to group exhibitions, residencies, publications and fundraising opportunities. 

You can submit an idea for a project by emailing, sharing it on the peer-to-peer-support Slack channel or bringing your idea with you to the session.

These events are an opportunity to come together with other artists and plan projects that provide the group with visibility, development and income raising opportunities. 

Creative Skill Share
Grow your skill set while supporting a fellow artist

Every other month an artist shares a skill with the rest of the group. If you have a skill you would like to share, email If you have a skill you would like to learn you can complete the survey here. 

Besides providing an affordable opportunity to grow your skill set, these events provide a paid opportunity for the Brighton Network artists leading the sessions, with ticket sales covering the artist’s fee.

Meet ups
Like a networking event, only for artists