Values & Advocacy

What we believe in & what we advocate for.

Our values


We believe in building a better connected creative community across the city. We believe that together we are stronger, more creative and more resilient and that all of those things contribute to a greater cultural ecology which ultimately benefits us all as artists, cultural organisations and residents.


We believe artists are highly skilled, knowledgeable individuals who can do so much for themselves and each other once we get together. We want to explore a model build on mutual aid which empowers artists to develop agency and take the lead on matters that affect them and their communities.


We believe in the value of bringing artists of all disciplines together. We think working creatively across disciplines allows us to grow and develop our work in ways we wouldn’t be able to within our own discipline specific networks.


Brighton Artists Network is run by its members, for its members. We encourage and support one another to develop projects and events. We help artists help each other so that they can feel creatively and financially supported, because we want everyone, regardless of background, income or circumstances, to be able to pursue their creative aspirations.


Key to our mission is to involve our members in advocating for their needs and developing solutions to the issues they face. Our key areas of focus are:

Access to affordable work space in the city

Rising property prices and cost of renting in Brighton have negatively impacted access to affordable work spaces in the city, with existing provision regularly threatened by residential planning applications. For Brighton to truly grow as a creative hub we must find ways to provide artists of all disciplines regular, long-term access to affordable workspaces.

Opportunities for artists to develop their practice

Opportunities in the UK’s cultural sector are mostly project-based and focused on public facing outcomes, meaning research and development time for artists is often a self-funded pursuit. We believe Brighton has the opportunity to establish itself as a cultural production hub that can lead the way nationally in providing time, space, opportunities and finances to support artists to think, explore and play.

Paid work for artists in Brighton

A high concentration of cultural activity in the South East of England and in Brighton in particular makes it harder for artists to find paid work in the city, with many living here but traveling to work outside of Brighton. We believe that by providing regular paid opportunities for local artists Brighton has the potential to grow further as a creative hub and increase diversity in the cultural sector.

Ongoing opportunities 

Existing opportunities for artists to present work in Brighton are focused around the spring and autumn months. An ongoing, year-round offer of cultural activities would provide opportunities for Brighton-based artists to produce work and engage with local communities throughout the year, while benefiting the arts immediate supply chain during quieter times of the year.

Greater connection to local cultural organisations for Brighton based artists

Artists in the city often feel disconnected from their local cultural organisations, which in turn rarely benefit from the city’s creative talent. We believe that Brighton’s cultural sector can
work collaboratively to provide support, professional and creative development for local artists; establishing Brighton as a creative incubator and production centre while diversifying cultural programming across the city for the benefit of visitors and residents alike.

Greater involvement of Brighton based artists within our communities and with organisations beyond the cultural sector

All sectors and communities can benefit from the arts, and artists can develop in unexpected ways when working outside the arts. We believe that by involving artists in sectors beyond the arts, cultural and creative industries Brighton can grow as a city, for the benefit of its residents, businesses and artistic community.

Greater cultural diversity

We believe culture must be inclusive and relevant to all, and that this begins by ensuring a diversity of artists are represented and catered for within Brighton’s cultural sector. We believe that artist-led, co-production and mutual aid models enable a greater variety of voices to be heard and represented in the cultural sector.