Does what it says on the tin.

A place for Brighton based artists to connect and collaborate.

Our Mission

We are Brighton’s first interdisciplinary, artist-led network. Our mission is to provide a space for Brighton based artists of all disciplines to connect, collaborate, and take the lead on matters that affect them and their communities.

Our values:


We believe in building a better connected creative community across the city. We believe that together we are stronger, more creative and more resilient and that all of those things contribute to a greater cultural ecology which ultimately benefits us all as artists, cultural organisations and residents.


We believe artists are highly skilled, knowledgeable individuals who can do so much for themselves and each other once we get together. We want to explore an alternative model for artist support services which is build on mutual aid rather than state or private funding, empowers artists to develop agency and take the lead on matters that affect them and their communities.


We believe in the value of bringing artists of all disciplines together. We think working creatively across disciplines allows us to grow and develop our work in ways we wouldn’t be able to within our own discipline specific networks.


Brighton Artists Network is run by its members, for its members. We encourage and support one another to develop projects and events and follow the model of a fringe festival: with a variety of activities coordinated and hosted under the Brighton Artists Network banner by a team of volunteer facilitators and administrators. We want to develop an heterarchical structure which facilitates a diversity of voices and experiences and reflects the cultural diversity of our city.

What we do:

Creative Development

We bring our members together to discuss their creative practice, share project ideas and support one another to run collaborative projects.

Professional Development

We encourage our members to support one another’s professional development, share skills, knowledge and expertise.


We advocate as a network and in collaboration with regional and national networks for the needs of our members and their involvement in developing solutions to the issues that affect them and their communities. We believe in artists being active participants rather than passive beneficiaries .

Join us!

Brighton Artists Network is open to artists of all disciplines and levels of professional experience who are either based or work regularly in the Greater Brighton region. To become a member click here

Brighton Artists Network is a Community Interest Company. Company number 13206047