Does what it says on the tin.

A place for Brighton based artists to connect and collaborate.

Our Mission

Brighton Artists Network’s mission is to provide a space for Brighton based artists of all disciplines to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Our values are:

  • Collaborative
  • Artist-led
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Democratic

We believe collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas develop a healthy creative ecosystem which benefits artists, cultural organisations and communities.

We believe peer to peer support empowers artists to grow agency and mutually beneficial relationships,  offering  a sustainable alternative to private or state funded artist support.

We believe in artists taking the lead in social issues that affect them, their communities and our city.

The Community

Members meet, chat and collaborate on our Slack Workspace and through online events.

We run bi-weekly Brainstorming sessions where we explore issues which affect our city. Monthly we develop these and other ideas into projects in our Peer-to-Peer Support Group. We also run regular Meetups and Creative Skill Sharing sessions.

We also run regular meetups and skill sharing sessions.

Everything is run by artists, for artists. Anyone can submit an idea to the group, and shape the direction of the organisation.

Join Us!

We want every artist in Brighton to join us.
Subscribe to our Mailing List, join our Slack workspace, or attend one of our events and become a part of Brighton’s only city-wide, interdisciplinary artist network. Find out more about ways to get involved and join here